Building and acquiring homes

What we know...

  • Construction requirements are changing as a result of the Hackitt review
  • We have an environmental responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes

Our customers and communities need:

  • More of the right homes in the right locations
  • Estates and homes that are well designed

New Build and acquisitions are a means of:

  • Meeting hidden and unmet demands
  • Attracting younger people into our homes
  • Enabling successful communities and sustaining tenancies
  • Improving the quality, popularity and desirability of our homes and estates
  • Meeting tenants' changing needs and increasing aspirations
  • Providing energy efficient, adaptable, lifelong homes

Number of units developed and acquired and currently in development (All tenures - excluding ESPs)

2018/19 - 66

2019/20 - 109

2020/21 Q3 - 51

New supply delivered (development and acquisitions) - social housing (VfM Metric 2)

2018/19 - 1.03%

2019/20 - 1.47%

2020/21 Q3 - 0.69%

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Providing quality homes

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Building and acquiring homes

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