Enabling employees to flourish

What we know...

  • Employees are key to successfully delivering Plan A
  • We are competing against other progressive organisations for top talent and we must therefore have a tempting offer
  • Our one team ethos is key to successfully delivering Plan A

The modern working environment requires:

  • A ‘two way deal’ approach
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Resilience
  • An appetite for continuous learning

Challenging objectives, stretching targets and constantly changing goalposts require:

  • Different ways of working
  • A focus on productivity
  • A need for continuous upskilling
  • Targeted investment in resources to increase capacity to deliver priorities

The foundations of employee success are:

  • Engaged, driven, well connected employees
  • A workplace culture that enables people to flourish

Capacity Score

2018/19 - 57.00%

2019/20 - 73.00%

2020/21 Q3 - 73.10%

Staff satisfaction with the organisation as an employer

2018/19 - 76.92%

2019/20 - 76.92%

2020/21 Q3 - 76.92%

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Enabling employees to flourish

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