Providing quality homes

What we know...

  • Our homes are vital to our local communities
  • Our homes must be popular and desirable
  • Our homes must compete on quality and affordability
  • We have an environmental responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes

Customer expectations are increasing, they expect:

  • High quality, safe and well maintained homes
  • A responsive repairs service that is available 24/7
  • Warm, energy efficient homes
  • Adaptable, lifetime homes

Most homes are popular and meet needs but a small proportion do not because:

  • They are the wrong property type in the wrong place 
  • They do not meet tenants' changing needs
  • They do not meet tenants' increasing aspirations 
  • They require modernisation

Percentage of tenant satisfaction with repairs

2018/19 - 89.76%

2019/20 - 89.50%

2020/21 Q3 - 91.14%

Average time taken to complete repairs (calendar days)

2018/19 - 16.08

2019/20 - 11.23

2020/21 Q3 - 14.49

Number of properties achieving SAP Band C

2018/19 - 4835

2019/20 - 5056

2020/21 Q3 - 5206

Percentage of tenants satisfied with planned works

2018/19 - 98.13%

2019/20 - 91.07%

2020/21 Q3 - 94.12%

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Providing quality homes

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