Supporting sustainable tenancies

What we know...

  • Supporting housing customers and applicants is our core activity
  • The housing waiting list has reduced in recent years
  • There is a need to attract younger people into our homes
  • A high proportion of customers have low incomes
  • Tenancy turnover is high primarily due to affordability and health

Customers' needs are increasing, they need:

  • Support to maximise their income
  • Advice on managing the running costs of their home
  • Help to find sustainable employment
  • Support with their health and wellbeing
  • It to be easy to rent and manage their home

Total number of tenants securing sustained employment

2018/19 - 144

2019/20 - 198

2020/21 Q3 - 148

Turnover of tenancies as percentage of overall stock

2018/19 - 9.43%

2019/20 - 9.28%

2020/21 Q3 - 6.05%

Average re-let time (calendar time) standard properties (exc major works)

2018/19 - 33.61

2019/20 - 25.77

2020/21 Q3 - 40.07


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