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Community Investment Fund - Sort Your Dosh

S.Y.D. (Sort your Dosh) is a money advice service provided exclusively for Livin tenants

The service is free and confidential and is provided by a trained debt advisor in the comfort of the customer’s home.   

All debt problems are solvable, it may not be quick or easy but there is always a solution.  The earlier they are dealt with the easier they are to manage.

Debt isn't just a finance issue it impacts on all elements of life so solutions are wide and varied; from cutting interest costs, budgeting, or simply getting free one-on-one debt help.

In addition to debt advice tenants will receive a money MOT to check they are claiming all the benefits they are entitled to.  We can also carry out a 'better off in work' calculation to show the impact of moving into work or increasing hours of work.

Up to 30th April 15, personal debt of £130,636.11 has been dealt with among the 75 people accessing one to one money advice from SYD.

Jacqui's story

Jacqui was referred to livin following a difficult time in her life which left her in debt with nowhere to turn.  We were able to meet with Jacqui through our FISCUS appointed debt advisor and provide her with valuable advise and assistance which in her words 'changed her life' 

Without the community investment project funding our partnership with FISCUS this specialist information would not be so freely available to tenants and potential tenants in our communities.

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