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    How do I find out my current rent balance?

    The easiest way to find out your current rent balance is via our Tenant App - you can do this by clicking on the Log in button above.

    How do I access my latest rent statement?

    If you are registered for our online tenants’ portal, you will no longer receive a rent statement in the post as you can access your rent account at any time online. If you wish to opt back in and receive a rent statement in the post, you can do so at any time by emailing

    Why is my account still in arrears after I have received my housing benefit?

    As housing benefit is paid four-weekly and in arrears, your account will show in arrears for three out of four weeks. This will then be rectified when the benefit payment reaches your rent account.

    Why is my account in arrears when I pay by monthly direct debit?

    In most cases this is not an arrears balance meaning it is usually nothing to worry about. It is due to rent being charged weekly and monthly direct debits being taken out later in the month.

    Who do I call if I need to speak to someone?

    You can contact Customer Services on 0800 587 4538 between 8.15am and 7pm Monday to Friday or Saturday between 9am and 1pm.


    You can book your repair using the button below on a smartphone, tablet or PC, where the majority of repairs are available to book. Need help? Our customer service advisers are available from 8.15am until 7pm via live chat.


    If you are unable to sign in, you can request a repair here.

    What priority is my emergency repair and how long will it take to be carried out?

    Emergency repairs are attended to within 4 hours, a list of emergency repairs can be found within the Livin Homeguide.

    What happens if I miss my repairs appointment?

    If you miss repairs appointments then we may charge you for the visit to your home. The delivery of a repairs service is expensive, and we cannot afford to make multiple visits to your home in order to carry out a repair.

    How do I know the workforce are from Livin Works?

    Always ask to see the identity card of anyone who calls at your home to carry out repairs and claims to work for Livin Works. All of our staff carry identification cards. If you are unsure, do not let them into your home and contact us for advice.

    Do I need to pay for my repairs?

    You don’t have to pay for things that have been damaged by fair wear and tear. If there is a doubt about how the damage happened we will come and check the problem before we make a decision. 

    If you are responsible for paying for a repair we will let you know how much you will have to pay and you will be asked to sign an ‘acceptance for recharge’ form before we agree to do the work. Once the work is completed we will send you a bill. If you want time to pay the money we can make an agreement to collect it in instalments.

    If the bill is not paid, or the payment of the instalments maintained, we could take legal action to recover the debt and any outstanding debt may also prevent you transferring to another one of our homes.

    What's happening with my repair?

    If you're ever unsure what's going on with your repair. We would recommend that you log into our Tenant App, from there you can check the status of the repair where you will find out more information.

  • Do it online - Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I request an aid or adaptation to my home?

    If you or a household member struggle with day to day tasks such as bathing and entering or leaving your home, we may be able to provide adaptations to make these tasks easier.

    Just get in touch online or by emailing

    For more information see our aids and adaptations booklet.

    How do I report anti-social behaviour?

    Please visit the Anti-Social Behaviour page.

    How do I report suspected tenancy fraud?

    If you suspect someone of unlawfully subletting their home you can email us at or call 01388 424679.

    Your report will be treated in the strictest confidence and can be given anonymously. Please note that we are only able to process reports made relating to Livin tenants. Any other reports should be directed to the landlord of the property in question. Please be aware that Livin will consider taking legal action against anyone found to be making malicious reports.

    How do I book a tenancy visit?

    To request a tenancy visit please contact us or email

    How long will my housing application take?

    For any queries relating to an application for housing please visit the Find a Property Frequently Asked Questions.

    How do I end my tenancy?

    You must give us four weeks’ written notice from the day your tenancy started we will then send you a ‘notice to terminate form’ for you to complete. If you leave your home without telling us, you will still be liable for four weeks' rent.

    To terminate your tenancy please contact us or email in the first instance.

    How do I replace my lost or stolen keys?

    We do not keep spare keys so if you lose them, you will need to replace them. We can change locks, but we will charge you for this service.

    When will my bin be emptied?

    Bin, waste and refuse collections is the responsibility of Durham County Council. For further information visit

    How do I report a vermin or pests problem?

    Vermin and pest control is the responsibility of Durham County Council. For further information visit

    I have questions about my council tax

    For questions about your council tax please contact Durham County Council or visit

    I don’t understand my rent balance

    For information on your rent account please visit Rents - Frequently Asked Questions.

    I am a new tenant, how do I get my gas and electricity on?

    Once you have received the keys for your new property, the first thing that you have to do is contact the energy suppliers to change the supply into your name; your housing co-ordinator will provide this information at sign up.

    Before contacting Livin, you need to make sure that there is credit on the meters (if the supply is provided through pre-payment meters).

    Please request an appointment stating whether it is the gas or electricity supply or both that needs switching on, by using our online contact form. An appointment will then be made and emailed to you within 24 hours. Our customer service team will always try to work around the tenants needs and ensure that both checks are carried out at the earliest available time.

    I’ve sent you all my information, how long will it take to process my form?

    We aim to process your application within 10 days.

    Can't find the answer to your question?

    Let us know! Please use our live chat and someone will help you find the answer to your query.

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