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Help us shape our future affordable homes offer

In the last 12 months we have delivered our first Low Cost Home Ownership products helping our customers onto the property ladder with high quality affordable homes.

We want to continue to offer these homes and we would appreciate your feedback to help us improve our product offers in the future.


We currently offer :

Shared ownership

Shared ownership is a part rent/part buy scheme which offers people who cannot afford the full cost of a property an opportunity to buy their home.  Buyers can initially purchase from between 25% to 75% of the property and pay rent on the share they do not own.  Shared owners have the option to increase the share they own when they can afford to do so up to 100%. 

For example: if a shared ownership home was valued as £100,000; and you bought 25% (£25,000) through a mortgage. You would pay a mortgage on the £25,000 and a smaller proportion of rent on the remaining £75,000. If a year later you bought an additional 10% stake you would pay less rent as the total value remaining on the property would have been reduced.

Rent to buy

Rent to buy is an offer for working people who are not currently in a position to purchase a home.  With no upfront fees the scheme offers a modern property at a subsidised rent for a period of 5 years giving tenants the opportunity to save for a deposit which then allows them to buy the home at the end of the rental period.


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