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Changes to Durham Key Options lettings policy

Following Consultation in 2016; there will be some changes to the Durham Key Options lettings policy from 1st April 2017

These changes include:

Banding – A revised banding structure will be in place moving to four bands (titled 1 – 4) rather than the current five bands (A – E)

Quotas – This system will be removed from April - all homes will be shortlisted in order of housing need only (with priority date continuing to act as a tie breaker, if there are competing bids). There will be some exceptions such as if a local lettings policy is in place

Lettings Cycles – The first lettings cycle under the new policy will run from Tuesday 4th April. Homes will be advertised from the day they become available to let (rather than the current fixed weekly cycle of Thursday – Tuesday)

Affordability – There will be some changes to the size of property customers will be entitled to apply for depending on financial circumstances. This aims to help customers minimise future financial hardship while also enabling customers to apply for the size of home their income allows

How will the changes affect you?

If you currently have an active application registered through Durham Key Options, your banding award will be reviewed in line with the new policy. You will receive notification of your new banding award and property entitlement early in April.

A summary of the Policy Changes can be found at

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