Money support advice helps Livin tenants

Money support advice helps Livin tenants

Local housing association Livin, has handled over 700 benefit queries in the last year, helping tenants to navigate the benefits system and increased their household income.

Livin offers free money support advice to all tenants, which includes a full benefits health check.  The check is undertaken by trained advisors, who consider the household’s circumstances, support tenants to make claims and advise people how benefit rules could affect them. 

Successful claims totalled more than £680,000 last year, increasing each applicant’s income by an average £940 per year.

In recent weeks Livin has received many calls for money support as a result of the coronavirus.  An example includes a single parent tenant who would be furloughed following a period of sickness due to the virus.  In this situation the tenant had received statutory sick pay but was unaware that they were entitled to Universal Credit.  They have now successfully applied and are awaiting their first payment.

Sean Brodie, executive director of finance and development, said: “We see many cases where our tenants are unaware of the benefits they could be receiving.  We speak with them confidentially and look at their individual circumstances to help them maximise the amount they receive. We also work closely with our Livin Futures employability team to help our tenants find jobs, and access training and support where possible”.

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Pictured : Victoria Wilkinson (Livin welfare benefits adviser)