Villa Street, Spennymoor

*£70-£90 (pw)


Works commenced: March 2020 

Expected completion: TBC


This development will comprise of 3 off site constructed bungalows that will sit within the existing footprint of the garages. The properties will consist of 2 two bedroom bungalows and 1 one bedroom bungalow.

The innovative design converts the existing garages into residential bungalows providing much needed housing on brownfield garage sites that currently do not contribute to the quality of the area.

The properties entail spacious bedrooms, wet area bathrooms and all utilise the use of open plan living, dining and kitchen areas to give a modern feel to the homes which are to be compliant with Homes England’s Nationally described space standards. Each home will have a single parking space, with the rest of the scheme made up of a mix of hard and soft landscaping which will be enclosed creating a sense of community.  

The existing front of the garage block will be converted in to a new contemporary facade, which will be created from high quality materials. The new elevation is to face on to a new landscaped and secure courtyard. High quality detailing is to be used on the roof and fascias, with powder coated aluminium and single ply membrane forming the contemporary roof.

​​It is expected that these properties are going to be high demand; You must be registered with Durham Key Options to apply for these homes.

*rents are estimates and are subject to potential change

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