Annual Report 2020/21

Colin Steel

Chief Executive 

We focused our efforts on keeping you safe, listening to you and providing support throughout whilst continuing our repairs, essential servicing and safety compliance checks. We mobilised an emergency support service and helped those of you who needed to access vital supplies, services and welfare. Expanding our employment, training and money support meant we could help and support those whose work and financial circumstances were impacted by the pandemic.

Working with our trusted and reliable partners based in the heart of our communities we supported the delivery of vital lifeline services. We shared our thanks during the winter period to those who worked tirelessly to help others and again would like to share how proud we are to have such dedication and commitment to helping others in our communities.

As we look to next year and we recover from the pandemic, we aim to progress our emerging priorities from Plan A including enabling you, our tenants and customers to be in control, shaping our communities to be places where you can live happily and making our homes sustainable and energy efficient while we work towards achieving net zero by 2050.

We launched our first tenant e-bulletin, Life@Livin last April. Designed to keep you updated on what’s been going on over the last year with key highlights, news items and great examples of how your feedback has helped us to improve the way we do things, please look out for our next edition in October 2021.

I am pleased to say that we remain in a strong place to continue meeting the principles set out in the Government’s Charter for Social Housing Residents published in 2020 and we have delivered our most ambitious Customer Voice programme ever. Also, last year we received the news from the Regulator of Social Housing that we had retained the highest rating for Governance and Viability (G1, V1).

Within this report we share how we have performed during this turbulent year and how this compared to how we expected to perform in comparison to our targets and the previous year.

I hope you enjoy reading this and we look forward to continuing to work closely with you.