Our Board


Housing and Communities Committee

The Housing and Communities Committee comprises: Adele Barnett (chair), Kevin Thompson (vice chair) and Norman Rollo and Dennis Bradley.

The committee is responsible for monitoring customer experience and asset management.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee comprises: Oliver Colling (chair), Hannah Underwood (vice chair) and Kevin Thompson and Norman Rollo.

The key responsibilities of the committee are risk, control and governance and associated assurance through a process of constructive challenge.

Finance and Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee comprises: Hannah Underwood (chair), Dennis Bradley (vice chair), Oliver Colling and Charlotte Harrison.

The committee reviews and monitors Livin's programme of development and Livin's financial performance.

HR and Remuneration Committee

The HR and Remuneration Committee comprises: Norman Rollo (chair), Adele Barnett (vice chair), Dennis Bradley and Charlotte Harrison.

The key responsibilities of the committee are to provide oversight over the appraisal arrangements for the Chief Executive, and remuneration arrangements for the Chief Executive and Executive Directors in accordance with their contracts of employment.