About Us

We are a local housing provider currently managing over 8,400 homes across County Durham. Our goal is to provide great homes, sustain strong communities and build a successful future whilst putting our tenants first. 


Our Performance Management Framework aims to ensure we deliver efficient and effective services that are continually improved and aligned to Plan A – our Business Strategy.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

As a landlord and an employer we provide services and offer employment opportunities equally to everyone.

Homes England funding

We are delivering 146 new homes over the period 2015-21 with funding secured from the Homes England funding Affordable Homes Programme, and publish quarterly reports here on all spend over £500 related to the development of these homes. Where a payment is subject to a contractual requirement for commercial confidentiality, the name of the creditor will be replaced with the words Redacted: Commercial Confidence. Where information is classed as personal data, which by law we cannot publish under the Data Protection Act, we will state Redacted: Personal Data.

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Our policies

Our staff follow policies and procedures to ensure that we provide you with a great customer experience and to demonstrate that we operate fairly, transparently and efficiently.

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