About Us

We are a local housing provider currently managing over 8,400 homes across County Durham. Our goal is to provide great homes, sustain strong communities and build a successful future whilst putting our tenants first. 


Our Performance Management Framework aims to ensure we deliver efficient and effective services that are continually improved and aligned to Plan A – our Business Strategy.

Quarterly performance Quarterly performance

Value for money

Our Value for Money report is an annual assessment we undertake to assess how resources are being used and to ensure we provide the best services at the best prices.

The report includes how much our services cost, how they compare to other housing associations, how efficiencies are being made and how all of this contributes to providing quality homes, support and vibrant communities. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion

As a landlord and an employer we provide services and offer employment opportunities equally to everyone.

Homes England funding

We are delivering 146 new homes over the period 2015-21 with funding secured from the Homes England funding Affordable Homes Programme, and publish quarterly reports here on all spend over £500 related to the development of these homes. Where a payment is subject to a contractual requirement for commercial confidentiality, the name of the creditor will be replaced with the words Redacted: Commercial Confidence. Where information is classed as personal data, which by law we cannot publish under the Data Protection Act, we will state Redacted: Personal Data.

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Our policies

Our staff follow policies and procedures to ensure that we provide you with a great customer experience and to demonstrate that we operate fairly, transparently and efficiently.

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