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Repairs queries

What priority is my emergency repair and how long will it take to be carried out?

Emergency repairs are attended to within 4 hours, a list of emergency repairs can be found within the Livin Homeguide.

What happens if I miss my repairs appointment?

If you miss repairs appointments then we may charge you for the visit to your home. The delivery of a repairs service is expensive, and we cannot afford to make multiple visits to your home in order to carry out a repair.

How do I know the workforce are from Livin Works?

Always ask to see the identity card of anyone who calls at your home to carry out repairs and claims to work for Livin. All of our staff carry identification cards. If you are unsure, do not let them into your home and contact us for advice.

Do I need to pay for my repairs?

You don’t have to pay for things that have been damaged by fair wear and tear. If there is a doubt about how the damage happened we will come and check the problem before we make a decision. 

If you are responsible for paying for a repair we will let you know how much you will have to pay and you will be asked to sign an ‘acceptance for recharge’ form before we agree to do the work. Once the work is completed we will send you a bill. If you want time to pay the money we can make an agreement to collect it in instalments.

If the bill is not paid, or the payment of the instalments maintained, we could take legal action to recover the debt and any outstanding debt may also prevent you transferring to another one of our homes.

What's happening with my repair?

If you're ever unsure what's going on with your repair. We would recommend that you log into our Tenant App, from there you can check the status of the repair where you will find out more information.

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