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How do I apply for a garage?

To apply for a garage please email with your name, address and contact details, stating which town/village you wish to rent a garage in.

We will then send you an application form which you will need to return along with two forms of identification (one to confirm your name and date of birth (such as a passport or birth certificate) and one to confirm your address (such as a utility bill)).

Applications are processed within 10 working days and once accepted, you will be notified once a suitable garage becomes available.

How do I know I can afford a home with Livin?

Moving home can be an expensive time. Home set-up costs can include removals, decorating, furniture and carpets however Monkey and Smarterbuys may help you to save some money on these. The amount of rent payable is advertised on each individual property listing. A budget calculator will help you to make sure you can afford the rent and the cost of running your home each month. For this and other aspects of money support including benefits advice, visit the money support section of our website. Our Financial Wellbeing Advisors will contact all new tenants, before they move into their home, to offer support on how to increase income and reduce expenditure.  They can help you to apply for welfare benefits and grants that you may be entitled to.

How do I apply for a home?

Our homes are let through the Durham Key Options Choice Based Lettings Scheme. First you must register your details by completing a housing application. If you are unable to apply online please contact us and we will help you.

Once registered online you will be provided with your own personal reference number and a customer account so you can log in to search for and apply for homes online.

What happens once I apply?

We aim to process all applications within 10 working days.

We will contact you for any additional information that may be needed, and you will be required to provide two forms of identification for each applicant (one to confirm your name and date of birth and one to confirm your current address). You will need to state your last six years housing history and will also need to sign and return a declaration form. We may also ask you to provide further information to help us to assess your application, such as medical or financial data.

I’ve sent you everything you have asked for, how long will it take to process my application?

We aim to process your application within 10 days.

What happens once my application is approved?

You can search for a home by logging into your account with Durham Key Options using your reference number, or by visiting our find a home page. Once you find a suitable home, you can place a “bid” on it. Bidding simply means that you are registering your interest in a property.  For further information have a look at the DKO bidding guide.

I've been offered a home, when can I view it?

Some properties are immediately available and a viewing can be arranged. However, some properties may still have tenants living in them or have some repair works required, which means they are not viewable prior to bidding. If you are offered a home which is not available immediately we will contact you to arrange a viewing as soon as it becomes available.

Can I refuse the offer of a home?

You may refuse three suitable offers of accommodation. Once you have refused 3 offers your application may be suspended.

I’m already a Livin tenant but I want to move home. What do I do?

You can apply for a new home as detailed above. Alternatively you may be able to swap homes with another social housing tenant? Our HomeSwap scheme is designed to help you to do just this.

I need to move quickly. What do I do?

We have high quality homes available to rent immediately. Email the Housing Team at for more information.

Are there any incentives available?

In some cases we can provide you with up to £250 towards removal costs, decoration vouchers and support to tenants that have fallen into arrears as a result of welfare changes under our Help to Move scheme.

What happens next?

Once your application has been approved we will assess your details and may invite you to attend one of our Smart Start sessions. 

Smart Start provides you with information on various initiatives designed to help you make the most of your money, and ultimately improve your life. This includes employability support to help you find work and digital support to help you make the most of life online.

The session will cover all aspects of money management including opening a bank account and help to claiming benefits. You will be shown how to set up a household budget and given advice on claiming Universal Credit if you should need it. If you need to borrow money to get set up in your new home we will put you in touch with suitable lenders to avoid paying too much interest.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Let us know! Please use our live chat and someone will help you find the answer to your query. If out of hours our customer services team will deal with your query the next working day.

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