The Courts - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
When do the works start?

The official construction start date is Monday 10 January 2022; however, Mears and our staff will be on site doing preparation works leading up to Christmas.

Who is Mears?

Mears PLC are the chosen contractors to carry out the regeneration programme for the Courts. They operate across the country and are responsible for the upkeep of 750,000 Social Housing Homes.

How long will it take?

Our completion date for the works is March 2023.

Where will Mears start first?

Mears are working on a timetable and a phased programme at this moment, we will publish this in the forthcoming weeks.

What happens between now and the 10 January 2022?

We will be meeting with individual owners and landlords to discuss the finer details. Orbis (security) will patrol the Courts on an evening at varying times and we will arrange a ‘meet the contractor’ drop in so that residents can come along and meet the team.