Ways We're Helping You

You may think getting in touch with us to talk about your money and your rent will not help. But it really doesn't take much to get your money back on track.

A couple sat together both wearing white t shirts

"We saved £21 a month on our fuel bills in April 2020 and had a fuel debt of £1,217 written off."

"I am now claiming Universal Credit which gives me £650 a month."

A couple having a cup of tea in their kitchen

"We got a referral for debt help - we feel much more positive now."

We have helped support these people and we can help you.

A man who is clearly happy with his savings after dealing with Livin's Financial Wellbeing Team

"I applied for a reduction in council tax and it reduced by £80."

An elderly couple sat outside having a cup of tea in the sun

"I set up a direct debit to pay my rent so I can budget for the rest of the month."

A woman sat at her kitchen table on her tablet

"I got part time work through Livin Futures after I lost my job."