Ways we're helping you

If you have lost your job or had a reduction in your hours because of the coronavirus crisis, we can help you.

"After being made redundant, I got £300 to help with start-up costs for my new business. I wouldn't have been able to get started quickly and as easily as I did without."

"I completed a free Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification to kick start my career into my dream job."

"I had been homeless and was feeling anxious about starting work again. I was helped into training for a security badge in dog handling. I am hoping to volunteer with the police to gain vital skills to help me into work."

We have helped over 340 people into jobs and training in the last year and we can help you.

"I did a free training course and qualified for funding for clothes for work, a satnav and a portable dashcam that I needed for a job."

"I was given access to a laptop in my home so I could carry out online training which is a set in the right direction to a new job in the mental health sector."

"I have had interview practice on video call and I feel more confident when a vacancy comes up that I can apply for."


Supported by the European Social Fund programme 2014-2020