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The Courts regeneration

About the project

Livin has been working with residents on the Jubilee Fields Estate in Shildon on a social regeneration programme since 2017.

In addition to the social programme of works a large number of residents in the Courts area of the estate identified a need for a change to their environment. Livin have always been passionate about creating communities where people want to live and homes which are modern and meet the needs of residents so design and development work commenced in late 2017 with residents feeding into the whole process.

The works proposed will see improvements to house frontages including rendering, windows and doors, gardens and fencing; it will also see open spaces and parking improved and the highway entrances to the courts changed.  Officers from Livin are in the process of discussing the final designs with residents and landlords.  The decision on taking the programme forward will be made by the Livin Board in May 2019.


Why is Livin doing this?

Livin is aware of the issues affecting quality of life for tenants and residents in the Courts.  We are committed to improving the area and are now developing detailed plans to improve both the environment and properties for the benefit of residents and owners living in the Courts.


What is on offer?

The plan proposes facelift improvements for all properties including render, new doors and windows.

In response to consultation feedback, additional improvements (where space allows) may include allocated parking spaces, improved and extended garden spaces and improved landscaping and road layouts.

Overall the improvements will create a more modern looking and better designed estate which we believe will increase demand for empty homes in the Courts as well as benefiting existing tenants and residents.

Will I benefit from improvements if I am not a Livin tenant?

Yes, owner occupiers and private landlords are being given the opportunity to buy in to the improvements.



Will there be a cost to those who own their properties?

Livin will arrange an appointment with individual owner occupiers and private landlords living in Aspen and Laurel Courts in January/February 2019 to discuss the proposed improvement works and costs in more detail.

A range of options to finance the works is available depending on individual circumstances.

Will there be any additional parking?

Some additional parking will be provided where possible and all parking provisions will meet minimum Local Authority requirements.

The site plan identifies the proposed parking arrangements.

Has planning approval been obtained?

Initial discussions have taken place with the Local Authority Planning Department.

It is intended that a planning application will be submitted February 2019.

When are improvement works likely to happen?

We hope that works could begin in summer 2019 but this is dependent on planning permission being granted and buy-in from owners and landlords.

A timetable for how long the improvements will take and where works will start has yet to be finalised, but we will work with all residents and owners at every step to notify in advance, manage individual needs and minimise disruption.


What happens next?

The planned works will be phased with Aspen and Laurel Courts started first.

Livin will therefore start the home visit programme with residents in these two Courts throughout January/February. During the visit we will explain the plan in detail and discuss the proposed works specific to the property.

As part of these discussions, we will collect information about individual circumstances and needs so that we can tailor the support needed whilst works are ongoing.

How can I get in touch with Livin?

You can contact us in the following ways:


Telephone: 0800 587 4538

Facebook: The Courts Regeneration Residents Group

Information about the project can be viewed at:


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