Gas Servicing - Keeping You Safe

The safety of you and your family is our priority, by law we have to make sure that a gas service is carried out in your home every year.

What to expect 

  Our gas servicing engineer will knock at your door at the date and time of your appointment and wait 2 metres from your door. You can view their identification card through a window before you open your door.

  They will carry out a risk assessment which means they will ask you questions to ensure your circumstances haven’t changed suddenly and it is still safe for us to enter your home.

 They will wear protective equipment if the risk assessment determines they need to.

  You can open the door for them to enter and then move to another room to the boiler.

  They will be in your home for approximately 60 minutes to carry out the work (this includes testing the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms). Your service is then complete for another year.

Why we carry out a gas service every 12 months? 

  Your safety – An unchecked boiler can affect the appliance operating safely.

  Your health – There may be a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if left too long.

  Your repairs – An unchecked boiler is more likely to need repairs in the future. By carrying out the gas service we may identify any faults you are not yet aware of, removing the need for further inconvenient boiler breakdowns.

  Your money – An inefficient boiler will use more gas and cost you more to heat your home.

    In exceptional circumstances during coronavirus, where the gas safety certificate has expired and we have been unable to arrange access after making all reasonable attempts to do so, we may cap the gas supply to a property following a risk assessment. 

What to do if you smell gas

Turn off your gas supply immediately and open your windows and doors. Do not turn any electrical switches on or off, light matches or lighters. Immediately ring Transco on 0800 111 999, they will come to your home and make it safe.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Most of our homes are fitted with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which are tested during your annual gas safety check. It is important that these are checked on a weekly basis by pressing the ‘test’ button. You should never disconnect or remove the batteries form your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. If you have any issues with your alarms, please contact us.

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Change your gas service appointment

If you need to change the details of your gas service appointment, please contact us to arrange this.

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